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Relax & Unwind

Whatever the reason, occasionally (or regularly!) we all need a little time to relax, destress, and unwind. With beautifully designed treatment rooms and an atmosphere of utter tranquility, Blush & Glow is the perfect place to take this time. Our massages are the perfect combination of remedy and relaxation guaranteed to leave you feeling calm, centred, and revitalised. 


Full Body Massage                   60 mins           55 

Back Massage                           30 mins           30

Deep Tissue Back Massage     40 mins           35                                                   

More than a regular back massage, though not to be confused with a sports massage! 

Hot Stone Upgrade                                           10

Transform any massage into a something extra special with the addition of hot stones and crystals. There are historical accounts confirming that the Chinese used heated stones more than 2,000 years ago, as well as many other cultures throughout time. You'll really feel the difference as the warm stones glide over areas of built up tension, leaving you deeply relaxed. 

Head in the Clouds                   30 mins           30                                                   

A heavenly treatment comprising scalp, neck, shoulder, and face massage. 

Hopi Ear Candles                      30 mins           30                                                   

Using the ancient method of ear candling, this treatment is highly beneficial in cleansing the ear canals of wax. However, it is also well-known for its calming and relaxing effects. This is a surprisingly serene experience!

Body Scrub                                45 mins           30

An invigorating body scrub accompanied by the application of your selected body cream using relaxing massage techniques. Add a body scrub to any massage treatment for £15. 


Utterly relaxing and doing your skin the world of good… is there anything better? 

Using the award winning REN Clean Skincare, our facials are really something special. Working with the philosophy of helping the skin the help itself, our facial treatments are about taking time with each essential step, not piling on the product. Soothing massage movements encourage blood flow and as a result, encourage the skin to absorb the goodness from each product leaving you glowing (and blushing…). Read more about REN Clean Skincare here.  


Luxury                        75 mins           55


Signature                   60 mins           45                                                                                                                                                                

Express                      30 mins           30                                                                                                                                                                                  

All About the Eyes    20 mins           25         

A reviving and restoring treatment focusing on the delicate skin around the eyes. Perfect for when your eyes need a little refresh!

advanced facials


Using the market-leading brand Crystal Clear, we are pleased to introduce our newest treatment - microdermabrasion. This treatment is aimed at a vast array of skin concerns; from ageing skin needing a youthful boost, to younger skin suffering with skin congestion. It is also highly effective at reducing the appearance of scarring, including stretch marks. Interested in how it works? let us explain. Fine micro-crystals are blasted very precisely at the skin’s surface at varying speeds. The crystals gently lift off the dead skin cells and the vacuum action removes the crystals and dead skin cells to leave a totally revitalised smooth and glowing skin. Skin is buffed, polished and smoothed while lines and wrinkles are softened. The precise action of the crystal flow can work at various depths to address the concerns of a more mature skin. Results are evident immediately with a softer appearance to lines and wrinkles, while the skin is super polished and the vacuum action lifts and firms muscles.

A one-off treatment will show impressive results and is great for a special event, however, for more intensive results a course of treatments will be recommended as various levels can be administered for more intensive results. Treatment is completed with our beautifully hydrating lifting mask that locks in moisture and gives your skin the perfect finish. There is no downtime and results continue to develop over the week following your treatment.

One session 45 mins 38

Course of five 170

Stretch Mark Targeting From 15 mins From 15

Makeup 1.jpg

hands & feet

Busy lives often mean our hands and feet get neglected, but this needn’t be the case! We’ve got you covered. From a quick file and polish to an indulgent manicure or pedicure, leave feeling a little more empowered with one of the treatments below. 


Jessica Geleration is an award-winning, chip free, long lasting soak-off gel polish. 


Gel Polish Application                                         25

File, cuticles, prep, and gel. Soak off included.   

Gel add-on                                                            10                                                         

Substitute ordinary polish for gel polish on any manicure or pedicure. 


Jessica Manicures & Pedicures


Full Manicure                                                         25      

This luxurious treatment includes a hand scrub, nail file, cuticle work, hand and arm massage, and the application of ordinary polish.  

Express Manicure                                                   20     

For those who want all of the benefits of a full manicure, in a hurry! Including: nail file, cuticle work, hand massage, and the application of ordinary polish. 

File & Polish                                                            10  



Luxury Pedicure                                                      40

A real indulgent treat. Includes: rasp, soak, salt scrub, nail cut/file, cuticle work, foot mask & heated boots, foot and leg massage, and the   application of ordinary polish                                                                

Full Pedicure                                                           30    

This is everything your feet need! Includes: rasp, soak, salt scrub, nail cut/file, cuticle work, foot and leg massage, and the application of ordinary polish.  

Express Pedicure                                                    25    

All of the main parts of a full pedicure, including: rasp, soak, nail cut/file, cuticle work, foot massage, and the application of ordinary polish.  

File & Polish                                                             15                                                                     


Using only high quality products and perfected techniques, we assure you any waxing treatment will leave you feeling smooth and satisfied. 


Eyebrows                                                            10 

Lip                                                                        5

Chin                                                                     5

Half leg                                                                20

Full leg                                                                 28

Bikini                                                                    15

Underarm                                                            10

Forearm                                                               15

Male back wax                                                    20

Add a bikini wax to any leg wax for £10. 

Waxing 1.jpg

Makeup 2.jpg

brows, lashes, make up & tanning


Small features, big differences! Fed up of drawing on your eyebrows or feeling bare without mascara? It’s amazing what a little tint can do. Just be sure to pop in for a tint test at least 24 hours before! 


Eyebrow tint*                                          6 

Eyebrow wax & tint                                 15

Eyelash tint*                                          15

Eyebrow tint + wax + lash tint              25


lash extensions

Want lashes that look fuller and longer, yet still natural? Then our classic lash extensions are the perfect answer. We will add one synthetic mink lash to each of your natural lashes creating a beautifully elegant result.

Classic lash extensions* 75 mins 45

lash lift

The best alternative to eyelash extensions. This amazing treatment combines lash perming and tinting to create beautifully lifted and visibly longer eyelashes without any damage.*

Lash lift* 60 mins 40

* You will need to pop in for a patch test at least 24 hours prior to these treatments.

Make up 

It’s kind of in the name! From big nights out to your special day, we love making you feel special. With lots of experience and hand selected products we’re sure that your first visit to Blush & Glow’s make up bar won’t be your last! 


Natural beauty                                            25

Statement bold                                           30

Blushing - and glowing - bride                  40

This service includes travel to your venue - within a 15 mile radius. 

Bride Squad (each)                                      20

Trials                                                            25



Using USA-based brand Xen-Tan we are able to offer you that perfect sun kissed glow in just one appointment. After years of disguising streaks and dealing with a patchy tan after a couple of days, discovering Xen-Tan was a revelation and we are certain you will love the results too. 

Full Body                                                     30

Exfoliation Add-on                                      10


Blush & Glow’s Ultimate Spa Package     4.5 hours         150

This utterly indulgent experience will start with welcome drinks and nibbles. You will then retreat to one of our beautiful candle lit treatment rooms where you will enjoy a full body massage followed by our gorgeous signature REN Skincare facial. After two hours of ultimate relaxation a full manicure and pedicure will get your fingers and toes in tip-top shape. Drinks and nibbles will be supplied throughout this spa package. However, if you wish to have something a bit more substantial then please let us know and we will fetch you a sandwich or salad from your choice of bakery.


DIY Spa Package 

Everybody likes something a little different. This is why we’ve created a spa package selected by you. Whether you’re prepping for a holiday, a wedding, or just fancy a pamper, choose a minimum of three treatments from our price list and we will take a percentage off of the overall price (see below for details). Drinks and nibbles will be supplied throughout any spa package..

Up to £100 = 10% off

Over £100 = 20% off

At present we cannot accommodate for more than two people at the same time for our packages.

Please be sure to give us plenty of notice when booking any package as they require a lot of time.

We may request a deposit for larger bookings.

Although our polishes dry in 10 minutes, you may want to bring open-toed shoes with you to your pedicure appointment.

Unfortunately we do not have private parking and parking on the high street is limited to 30 minutes. There are lots of nearby streets and free public car parks within a few minutes walk from the salon, please allow time for this when arriving.

Bridal 2.jpg